[IMPORTANT] Facebook March Policy – OAuth Redirect URI

Facebook is recently rolling out a new update which does not allow the redirect URL to be one which is not specified in Facebook OAuth URIs. This will be rolled out from March. Facebook did this as a security update restricting some possible attack. This would mean that our current system of Facebook login would not work. The latest version of PHP Viral Quiz is released complying with this latest Facebook update.

From Facebook:

In March, we’re making a security update to your app settings that will invalidate calls from URIs not listed in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field below.This update comes in response to malicious activity we saw on our platform, and we want to protect your app or website by requiring a new strict mode for redirect URIs. Learn More

Here are 5 out of the 8 of your URIs that will be invalidated by this change.

How to update?

The best way to update already running this script is by replacing a few files. This takes less than 2 minutes.
Just follow along:

IMPORTANT: Take backups of everything you delete. I’m not responsible for those losses.

  • Download the latest version of PHPViralQuiz from your account.
  • Extract it and open the folder fb. 
  • Select these index.php and login.php and upload(and replace) it to the fb directory of your website.
  • [You can also update by simply downloading and installing the entire latest version from the phpviralquiz.com]
  • Go to your App dashboard > Products > Facebook login
  • Add this URL there: http://www.{your_website}.com/fb/login.php
  • You’re all done to go!




You can easily test this by enabling the strict mode.

If the Facebook login in your website still works then you know ok otherwise there is something wrong.



If you guys have any trouble doing this please let me know in the comments below.

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